Friday, August 30, 2019

Top 25 Albums of August 2019

No. Artist Title Listen & Buy
01 Fourth Dimension Ubique Amazon Bandcamp
02 Eguana Invisible Civilization, Vol. 3 Amazon Bandcamp
03 Shinpal Seven Lives Bandcamp
04 Hibernation Ambient Re:Works 01 Amazon Bandcamp
05 Cryounit Paradox Amazon Bandcamp
06 Desert Dwellers Breath Amazon Bandcamp
07 Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach Night Travellers Amazon Bandcamp
08 Keith Richie C/T/F/O Amazon Bandcamp
09 Moai System Coded Memories Amazon iTunes
10 Jos d'Almeida Aspheres Bandcamp
11 Confluent Phase Ad Astra Amazon Bandcamp
12 Giuseppe Dio Space Explorations Amazon iTunes
13 Crystalline Dream Seventh Chakra Amazon Bandcamp
14 Forrest Smithson A Right Use of Will Amazon iTunes
15 Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer A Journey for Mankind Amazon Bandcamp
16 Eagle Black Eagle Bandcamp
17 Kaisaku Aishū Amazon Bandcamp
18 Miles Richmond & Peter Grenader POV Amazon Bandcamp
19 Ivan Teixeira ALLAYER Project One Amazon Bandcamp
20 I-One Forms of Water Amazon Bandcamp
21 Chronos Israeli Connection 33 Amazon Bandcamp
22 La Estación Del Mar Costa Cálida Chill, Vol. 5 Amazon iTunes
23 Spinnet Syzygies Amazon Bandcamp
24 Rising Galaxy Horizons in the Dark Amazon Bandcamp
25 Stan Dart Murinsel, Vol 2 Bandcamp