Monday, September 2, 2019

PGM 235: Infinite Dreams 4

A lushly enigmatic, sensual mix to convey a waking dream state!


Merlin & Argus – PurificationPurification EP
Cinematic – Synthetic Daydreaming (Miles Away Mix)Autumn Breeze, Vol. 2
Classic Unknwn – MalaArkade Destinations Tulum
The Soul Crusaders – I Dream of YouA 1000 Stars
Red Chameleon – In BetweenTake You Away
Schiller & Tangerine Dream – Morgenstern Pt. 5Morgenstund
Ben Neill – Dream PhaseTriptycal
La Estación Del Mar – Does Someone Remember Fouxi?Landscapes
Airily – Harmonize (Spring Version)That’s What I Want
Koala and Xentrix – Infinite DreamFahrenheit Project, Part 3
Tangerine Dream – The Dream Is Always the Same (Journeyscapes EXT Vers.) – Risky Business