Monday, November 25, 2019

PGM 246: Lovers' Lane

An amorous mix for autumn full of passionate moods and sensual grooves!

Sean Hayman – Moments of Silence (Back in Time Mix)Rhapsody in Chill
Eguana – Keep My HandsSynchronicity
Polished Chrome – WeekendHappiness
Frank Borell – Butterflys Stay with Me (The Green Cut)Spring Lounge 2019
Liam Thomas – SiriusCosmos
Poolwave – Smile (Dream Delays Mix)Beach Grooves Maretimo, Vol. 2
Jean Mare – Such a Lonely Time (Groovy Downbeat Mix)Deep Space
Artenovum – Angel Eyes (Mystic Ethno Mix)Mystic Voices
Vesky – MermaidMermaid [single]
Kaisaku – Glossy HeartAishū
The Starseeds – Heavensairportcoffeeshoprestaurant (Future Loop Foundation Remix) – Heavensairportcoffeeshoprestaurant 
DJ Maretimo – Café Internacional (Jazzy James Junior Slowjam Mix)Chill Sunset Maretimo, Vol. 1

Monday, November 18, 2019

PGM 245: Shamanic Visions 5

Another foreboding excursion into visionary tribal-ambient soundworlds!

Louigi Verona – DarkeningNocturnal Creatures
Frore & Shane Morris – AnimaEclipse
Stephan Baer – Mwari (Initiation)The Dark Frontier
Suspended Memories – Snake SongForgotten Gods
Forrest Fang – A River in RetrogradeFollowing the Either Sun
Byron Metcalf & Steve Roach – Big MedicineThe Serpent’s Lair
Kelly David – A Bend in the RiverMeditation in Green
Steve Roach – BirthpulseTrance Archaeology

Monday, November 11, 2019

PGM 244: Hypnotic Voyage 5

Another mind-bending excursion into cosmic psybient groove!

Side Liner – Cosmos HeartbeatCosmos Heartbeat
J.P.illusion – Underwater Bare Trees
Cryounit – First BornParadox
Andy Pickford – Psymanteum Part 9 – Psymanteum
Germind – ThoughtformThoughtform
Rising Galaxy – Forgiveness Moves in Waves (Gregory Paul Mineeff Remix)A Concept, Vol. 2
Sinius & Atmospheric Research – Hypnotic Gestures (ft. Ulrich Schnauss)Hypnotic Gestures
Jonathan E. Blake – I Am Nr 5The Fellowship of Jupiter
Fourth Dimension – Mira’s TailUbique

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Top 25 Albums of October

No. Artist Title Listen & Buy
01 Shinpal Seven Lives Bandcamp
02 Kaisaku Aishū Amazon Bandcamp
03 Jeff Pearce Skies and Stars Amazon Bandcamp
04 Mark Dwane Martian Apparitions Amazon Bandcamp
05 OSLEE Elevate Amazon iTunes
06 Kelly David Meditation In Green Amazon Bandcamp
07 Sherry Finzer & Will Clipman  The Space Between Breaths Amazon Bandcamp
08 Off Land Field Tangents Bandcamp
09 Drifting In Silence Away Amazon Bandcamp
10 Eguana Synchronicity Bandcamp iTunes
11 Liam Thomas Cosmos Amazon Bandcamp
12 Noizefilter Floating Consciousness Amazon Bandcamp
13 La Estación Del Mar Landscapes Amazon iTunes
14 Cryounit Paradox Amazon Bandcamp
15 Robert Rich Tactile Ground Amazon Bandcamp
16 Steve Roach Bloom Ascension  Amazon Bandcamp
17 Dlaivison
Aeon Amazon iTunes
18 Kamarius The Flow of Life Amazon Bandcamp
19 Obsqure Oriental Banquet Amazon Bandcamp
20 Bart Hawkins 21 Pulse Eclipse Amazon Bandcamp
21 Polly Fae Dreamwalkers Amazon Bandcamp
22 Germind Absorbient, Vol. 2 Amazon Bandcamp
23 Glint Estival Arvo Amazon Bandcamp
24 Oliva Departure to the Stars Amazon iTunes
25 Motionfield A Clear Horizon Amazon Bandcamp

Sunday, November 3, 2019

PGM 243: Mythic Twilight 4

An ethereal autumn mix inspired by magic, myth and fantasy!

Blue Stone – ConfessionBreathe
Mythos – AllureEros
Sofa Sweeper – Romeo Is Dreaming (Slow Motion Mix)Autumn Breeze, Vol. 3
Douglas Blue Feather – Shaman’s BlessingAscension
Amethystium – DreamdanceOdonata
Rémi Orts Project – Reign of the ForestPeaceful Moments: Reign of the Forest
Llewellyn – The White LadyGhosts
Giuseppe Dio – The WoodlandImaginary Flights
Guy Sweens – Full MoonMoon Magic
2002 – Finding YouA World Away
Chris Conway – Fly On ForeverFlute Dreamer