Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Album Review: 21 Pulse Eclipse by Bart Hawkins

Created on August 21, 2017 during the total solar eclipse in Oregon, 21 Pulse Eclipse is an edgy and innovative ambient album of hypnotizing electro-shamanic soundworlds. Composed by Bart Hawkins on modular synthesizer and mastered by Spotted Peccary Music’s own Howard Givens, 21 Pulse Eclipse is comprised of eight darkly dreamy passages that span approximately 74 minutes long.

Warmly enveloping sound currents are gently propelled along by an underlying heartbeat pulse on the opening, “Dream Meditation”, an enthrallingly ominous piece that effectively paints mental images of a forest cave that is softly illuminated by the sun's rays. Organic and primal, yet digital and futuristic, indecipherably biotic field noise drifts among the gorgeously hypnotic listening space. The title piece, “21 Pulse Eclipse” ensues with a sustained buzzing drone emitting the similarly deep intonations of a didgeridoo, albeit considerably less earthy and much more electric sounding. Bestowing a harsh beauty upon the aural senses, this industrial ambient piece with its psychedelic flavors imparts an atmosphere of extreme heat, as it gradually morphs into dynamically sequenced pulsations. Throughout the rest of the album, Hawkins integrates harmonic distortion and strange signaling effects to create surrealistic environments, effectively conveying that of a communicative dynamism occurring between the sun and planet earth.

A musical invocation of solar consciousness, 21 Pulse Eclipse is a somewhat foreboding yet ever-fascinating listening excursion that bridges the primeval past with the technological present. I enthusiastically recommend it to fans especially of experimental mind-altering soundscapes! ~Candice Michelle

This album is available at Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and other music retail and streaming platforms.

Monday, October 28, 2019

PGM 242: Haunted Worlds 5

A paranormal themed mix for All Hallows’ Eve with a spooktacular lineup spanning electronic grooves to ethereal soundscapes!

Sonomad – The MonsterSonomad
Doug Blair – Ghost in the RoomHorizon
Mike Oldfield – SentinelTubular Bells II
Dense & Translippers – Witch Castle PartyEntitas
Polly Fae – Let Us InDreamwalkers
Shulman – The Unexpected Visitor (CBL Carbonator Rmx) – Quality Relaxation
Makyo – Erzulie (Phantom Remix) – Sky Dancing: Nada Masala 2
Mark Dwane – Cydonia ReimaginedMartian Apparitions
Tsode – SpiritInnerity
Keith Richie – Grim ProvocationC/T/F/O
Delerium & Mimi Page – Dark VisionsMythologie

Monday, October 21, 2019

PGM 241: Cave Light

An organic ambient mix with subtle ethno-tribal elements inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

Chronotope Project – Gateless GateLotus Rising
Crystalline Dream – A Thousand Petals of LightSeventh Chakra
Alpha Wave Movement – Stellar MantraCelestial Chronicles
Jarguna – Sacred ShenFusion of Soul
Steve Roach – Opening the SpaceFever Dreams II
Kelly David – LaukooMeditation in Green
Robert Rich – Eroding ColumnsTactile Ground
Paul Avgerinos – GnosisGnosis

Monday, October 14, 2019

PGM 240: Ocean Planet

An ethereal ambient/electronica mix to convey a mythical cosmic water world!

OSLEE – Mul MantraElevate
Entheogenic – Light Ocean BlueEntheogenic
Moai System – Sun ChildCoded Memories
Oliva – Like an Angel in the Universe – Departure to the Stars
Marcomé - Parada – Seven Seas
David Wright & Carys – Whales Weep NotProphecy
Solarsoul – Discovery of the Universe (Deep Meditation Mix Part IV) – Discovery of the Universe [Extended Version]
Lost Tribe – Under the Red SeaLost Tribe: Originals, Bonus Tracks & Remixes
Diane Arkenstone – TranceshiftAquaria: A Liquid Blue Trancescape

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Album Overview: Aeon by Dlaivison

Aeon is the sophomore full-length release by Brazilian-based electronic music composer Dlaivison, and follow-up to his impressive 2016 debut album, Sign of Us. Continuing in a similar mode to that recording while further expanding upon his style, Dlaivison once again creates a fascinating sound collage of space-techno panoramas that convey an interstellar fantasy adventure. Comprised of ten compositions spanning approximately 52 minutes, Aeon is overall characterized by cinematically futuristic and symphonic synth arrangements that are variably underscored by alternating processional and pulsar rhythms. Wondrously whimsical with a high-energy vibe, the music herein often brings images to mind of venturing through a cosmic funhouse full of neon lights, as it touches upon stylistic elements of Robert Miles, Cosmic Baby and Jean-Michel Jarre along the way. Playing out like a musical transmission from one distant civilization to another, Aeon seemingly navigates new space frontiers while retaining a constant atmosphere of euphoria and optimism that’s sure to enthrallingly engage the senses! ~Candice Michelle

This album is available at Amazon, iTunes and other music retail & streaming platforms.

Monday, October 7, 2019

PGM 239: Autumn Rain

A contemplative ambient/minimalist piano mix to convey a rainy fall!

Michael Brant DeMaria – RenascenceAma
Lena Natalia – Lonely SatelliteLonely Satellite
Joep Beving – Into the Dark BlueHenosis
Michael Whalen – Hush the NightKiss the Quiet
Pangaea Projekt – Time to DreamWinter, Vol. 4
Elena Talarico & Francesco Zago – The CirclesThen Elephant Speaks
Rob Simonsen – Ciel – ‎Rêveries
Aija Alsina – ReflectionDomum
Víkingur Ólafsson & Ryuichi Sakamoto – BWV 974: II Adagio (Rework)Bach Reworks (Pt. 2)
Tale of Us – DistanteEndless
Jordan De La Sierra – Temple of Aesthetic Action (Pt. 3)Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose
Keith Tippett – Dear Ireland – The Unlonely Raindancer
Aidia – The Fog LiftsA Beautiful Fall

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Album Review: Floating Consciousness by NoizeFilter

NoizeFilter is the recording alias of Austin, Texas-based musician Jose Reyes. Having released several prior albums, his latest full-length recording, Floating Consciousness, is arguably his most ambitious and boundary-pushing work thus far. Comprised of eight ambient-electronic compositions spanning just under an hour, Floating Consciousness takes the listener through a mysterious sound-world of seemingly astrophysical and technological environments, wherein one embarks on a fascinating exploration of both matter and consciousness.

“Cryogenic Dreams” opens the album with lushly warm expanses that eventually give way to undulating textures, before cleverly concluding with the haunting toll of a church bell. Often eliciting visual overtones throughout of cyberpunk impressions in a space age setting, the music herein feels simultaneously human yet robotic in a most appealing kind of way.

One of my favorite pieces on the album is the emotively melodic “Kepler’s Journey”, with its floating sequencers and vintage synthesizer elements conveying a sense of search and discovery. Likewise, “Fractal Patterns” is an utterly mesmerizing piece that paints captivating images of enthralling sci-fi strangeness. Characterized by fast-pulsating and spiraling figures, it seemingly imparts a feeling of being lost in space, perhaps while traveling through a time-portal to another dimension. Lastly, “Deep Water” feels enclosed and submerged like a submarine, as liquid swirls and a static-like rhythm guide us to our journey’s end.

Accompanied by beautifully abstract cover artwork that’s every bit intriguing as the music itself, Floating Consciousness seems to occupy a dream state that's equally foreboding as it is alluring. Easily Noizefilter’s most outstanding album to date, fans especially, of experimental yet accessible ambient and sci-fi music are highly encouraged to check it out! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available at Amazon, Bandcamp and iTunes.