Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Album Review: 21 Pulse Eclipse by Bart Hawkins

Created on August 21, 2017 during the total solar eclipse in Oregon, 21 Pulse Eclipse is an edgy and innovative ambient album of hypnotizing electro-shamanic soundworlds. Composed by Bart Hawkins on modular synthesizer and mastered by Spotted Peccary Music’s own Howard Givens, 21 Pulse Eclipse is comprised of eight darkly dreamy passages that span approximately 74 minutes long.

Warmly enveloping sound currents are gently propelled along by an underlying heartbeat pulse on the opening, “Dream Meditation”, an enthrallingly ominous piece that effectively paints mental images of a forest cave that is softly illuminated by the sun's rays. Organic and primal, yet digital and futuristic, indecipherably biotic field noise drifts among the gorgeously hypnotic listening space. The title piece, “21 Pulse Eclipse” ensues with a sustained buzzing drone emitting the similarly deep intonations of a didgeridoo, albeit considerably less earthy and much more electric sounding. Bestowing a harsh beauty upon the aural senses, this industrial ambient piece with its psychedelic flavors imparts an atmosphere of extreme heat, as it gradually morphs into dynamically sequenced pulsations. Throughout the rest of the album, Hawkins integrates harmonic distortion and strange signaling effects to create surrealistic environments, effectively conveying that of a communicative dynamism occurring between the sun and planet earth.

A musical invocation of solar consciousness, 21 Pulse Eclipse is a somewhat foreboding yet ever-fascinating listening excursion that bridges the primeval past with the technological present. I enthusiastically recommend it to fans especially of experimental mind-altering soundscapes! ~Candice Michelle

This album is available at Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and other music retail and streaming platforms.