Thursday, April 14, 2016

Album Review: Interstellar Love by Darren Rogers

Darren Rogers’ album Interstellar Love is based upon a theme of two soulmates in search of one another as they behold the celestial night sky. Consisting of seven compositions spanning fifty-two minutes, the album explores the hidden depths and desires of the heart – and how it potentially relates to a greater cosmic design.

The title track opens the album and is just over ten minutes long. Cosmic winds and unintelligible muffled voices allude to a petitioning of the heavens, as if being carried into outer-space. Deeply immersive tones and swirling timbres further lend themselves to the piece’s defined sense of mystery. “Wavering” follows next and opens with a Duduk – an ancient woodwind flute indigenous to Armenia. A sensual yet somewhat forlorn melody is carried by the instrument, as it mesmerizingly enhances the expansive, spacey ambience of the composition. “Passion”, the album’s middle piece, is possibly my favorite – perfectly exemplifying how the depths of one’s own heart can seem as unknown and limitless as the universe itself. Like signals of extrasolar communication being transmitted throughout space, they eventually give way to faintly pounding drums as if emanating from a cosmic heartbeat, before gently leading out to the sound of a distant siren’s call. Also noteworthy is “The Love Inside”, with its shimmering celestial tones that glide upon a peculiar muffled distortion, perhaps to mimic that of a radio signal attempting to come through. “Looking to the Stars” closes out the album, characterized by softly rising tones and slowly rotating effects. As if to conclude with a question rather than an answer – will these two destined souls ever find one another in this lifetime?

A classic ambient-space album with a passionate theme, Interstellar Love beckons the listener to simply close their eyes and envision the reality of their heart’s truest desires. Darren has captured a mood that will likely appeal to anyone who especially enjoys Jonn Serrie’s more romance-tinged space music. A uniquely impressive album, Interstellar Love is permeated by a beautiful darkness that’s wrapped in a dream of idyllic love. ~Candice Michelle

Available at Amazon and Bandcamp.