Thursday, February 23, 2023

Album Review: Slowly Falling (Extended Mix) by Jeff Pearce

Review by Candice Michelle

A top artist in the ambient/space music genre, Indiana based musician Jeff Pearce is best known for his pioneering and influential style of ambient guitar music that he’s been recording since the early 1990s. Released as an extended version of the nearly 17 ½ long piece “Slowly Falling” from his 4-track album In Winter released in 2021, Slowly Falling (Extended Mix) is a long-form album comprised of the hour-long title piece. Composed entirely on electric guitar, Jeff employs his signature digital processing, delay effects and layering techniques to create ethereally shimmering and multi-faceted textures.

Drawing creative inspiration from the natural environment, changing seasons, astronomical and meteorological phenomena, Jeff’s music is observational in character, yet also exudes a deeply emotive and personal quality that’s seemingly wrapped in an inexpressible mystique that is once again exemplified on this majestic composition of space-ambient perfection.

Transpiring as one continuous sound passage that paints wintry images of a cold, northern terrain, “Slowly Falling” feels evocative of being cozily nestled inside an aurora glass cabin, while its translucent shapes and intangible shadows of softy-swirling sonic encompassment are sure to have the listener ‘slowly falling’ into a deep dream sequence!  

~Candice Michelle for Journeyscapes 

For more information please visit the artist's website. Slowly Falling (Extended Mix) is also available at Bandcamp and more!