Monday, December 9, 2019

Top 25 Albums of November

No. Artist Title Listen & Buy
01 Eguana Synchronicity Bandcamp iTunes
02 Germind Thoughtform Bandcamp iTunes
03 Louigi Verona Nocturnal Creatures Bandcamp iTunes
04 Kaisaku Aishū Amazon Bandcamp
05 Liam Thomas Cosmos Amazon Bandcamp
06 Mark Dwane Martian Apparitions Amazon Bandcamp
07 Jeff Pearce Skies and Stars Amazon Bandcamp
08 Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer Deeper Imaginings Amazon Bandcamp
09 Bart Hawkins 21 Pulse Eclipse Amazon Bandcamp
10 Douglas Blue Feather Ascension Amazon iTunes
11 Rudy Adrian Woodlands Amazon Bandcamp
12 Noizefilter Floating Consciousness Amazon Bandcamp
13 Dlaivison Aeon Amazon iTunes
14 Motionfield A Clear Horizon Amazon Bandcamp
15 Kelly David Meditation In Green Amazon Bandcamp
16 Sherry Finzer & Will Clipman The Space Between Breaths Amazon Bandcamp
17 K. Markov Interactivity Amazon Bandcamp
18 Off Land Field Tangents Bandcamp
19 Drifting In Silence Away Amazon Bandcamp
20 Andy Pickford Psymanteum Bandcamp
21 Wychazel Ashram Amazon iTunes
22 La Estación Del Mar Landscapes Amazon iTunes
23 Cryounit Paradox Amazon Bandcamp
24 Various Artists Autumn Breeze, Vol. 3 Amazon iTunes
25 Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach Night Travellers Remixed Amazon Bandcamp

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