Top 25 Albums for October 2017


Rank Artist Name Album Title
1 Chronotope Project Ovum
2 Jeff Pearce From the Darker Seasons
3 Jim Ottaway Deep Space Blue
4 Erik Wøllo Cinematic
5 Polished Chrome Happiness
6 Deep Imagination Carefully Kept Secrets
7 Lena Natalia Almost Home
8 David Helpling A Sea Without Memory
9 Keith Richie For the Willow Wept
10 Peter Kater Dancing on Water
11 One Arc Degree Cosmos in Flux
12 Jeffrey Koepper MantraSequent
13 Blackmore's Night To the Moon and Back
14 Sherry Finzer & Peter Sheridan Traveler
15 Howard Givens & Craig Padilla Being of Light
16 GMO & Dense Distances
17 Artenovem Mystic Voices
18 Aine Minogue In the Name of Stillness
19 Sequential Dreams Metamorphic Waves
20 Stimulus Timbre A Place We Never Been
21 Darshan Ambient Lingering Day
22 Aija Alsina Domum
23 Polished Chrome Happiness Remixed
24 Mario Raposo The Passage
25 NoizeFilter Music Ambient Road

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