Rank Artist Name Album Title
1 Jeffrey Koepper MantraSequent
2 Purl & Sinius Oceans of Sound (Special Edition)
3 Jonn Serrie The Sentinel
4 Forrest Smithson Journey of the Outshining Source
5 Various Artists Best Sound of Chill & Lounge 2017
6 Polished Chrome Happiness
7 Keith Richie For the Willow Wept
8 David Helpling A Sea Without Memory
9 Tsode Brainstorming
10 Elise Lebec Origin: One World Turning Project
11 Various Artists Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 7
12 VR VR:1
13 Sambox Freedom World
14 Michelle Qureshi Seventh Wave
15 Max Corbacho Nocturnes
16 Fiona Joy Into the Mist
17 Kerani Stardust
18 Hollan Holmes Prayer To The Energy
19 Erik Wøllo Different Spaces
20 Argus The Architect of Time
21 Jim Stubblefield  Guitare Mystique
22 Robert Thies Blue Landscapes II: Discoveries
23 Kylmyys Dusk
24 The Orb COW / Chill Out, World!
25 Sverre Knut Johansen Secret Space Program

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