Rank Artist Name Album Title
1 Polished Chrome Happiness
2 David Helpling A Sea Without Memory
3 Keith Richie For the Willow Wept
4 Jeffrey Koepper MantraSequent
5 Deep Imagination Carefully Kept Secrets
6 Chronotope Project Ovum
7 Lena Natalia Almost Home
8 Tsode Brainstorming
9 One Arc Degree Cosmos in Flux
10 Fiona Joy Into the Mist
11 Sherry Finzer & Peter Sheridan Traveler
12 Elise Lebec Origin: One World Turning Project
13 Purl & Sinius Oceans of Sound (Special Edition)
14 Jonn Serrie The Sentinel
15 Forrest Smithson Journey of the Outshining Source
16 Various Artists Best Sound of Chill & Lounge 2017
17 Love Potion XXX
18 Jim Ottaway Deep Space Blue
19 Michelle Qureshi Seventh Wave
20 Various Artists Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol. 7
21 GMO & Dense Distances
22 Aura5 Earth, Ocean, Sky
23 Hollan Holmes Prayer To The Energy
24 Erik Wøllo Different Spaces
25 Jim Stubblefield  Guitare Mystique

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