"Tangerine Dream with no doubt could be categorized as one of the first pioneering electronic bands that had a huge impact on many artists over future generations. Formed in 1967 by an electronic wizard and mastermind of this exciting project Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream originally took their influences and inspirations from psychedelic music and German krautrock.

In the 70s, the band began to sound more and more electronic as their interest in new technologies, synthesizers, modulars and oscillators rapidly grew. It was the time when their specific musical language and recognizable musical scales were finally taking shape. After releasing the album Phaedra on Virgin Records in 1974, they became the first band in the world that had big commercial success and world fame with a new and futuristic electronic and sequencer sound. Continuing to work in this field, the band’s line-up changed throughout the years and the only constant member of the Tangerine Dream core’s idea and spirit was Edgar Froese. Many of the artists that passed through Tangerine Dream later made their own successful solo careers which definitely shows Edgar's ability to find and to accumulate the brightest talents around. A good example could be people like Klaus Schulze and Peter Baumann.

Tangerine Dream has been known as a mega-productive band with more than 100 albums under its belt. They are also very well recognized for the soundtracks they made for big movies that mostly did in the 80s that includes music for cult classics like Risky Business, Flashpoint, Firestarter, and Legend. Their concept and philosophy stands on the romantic side of electronic music with a cosmic vibe and its’ own incomparable sound." ~ All Andorra

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