Pangaea Projekt is the music moniker of ambient/electronic composer Michael Crain, who's released a full-length album and several EPs as Pangaea Projekt, as well as a collaborative album under his own name. Among those EPs is this lovely fourth installment of his Winter series, which consists of four beautifully minimal soundscapes that can be enjoyed anytime of year.

Ethereal drones and subtly-shifting tones characterize the opening track, “Winter’s Moon”, which seems to signal the dawning of winter. Following next is my favorite piece, “Time to Dream”, a poignant masterpiece that seemingly evokes a midwinter’s night under cold, starry skies. Bearing the characteristics of a haunting film score, this composition features a repeated melody of processed piano in tandem with subtle, swelling strings. The restful “Stars on a Frozen Night” is the most minimalist passage in the lineup, while “On a Winter’s Eve” concludes with a comforting sense of solitude in the form of drifting piano notes amid echoey spacious pauses.

An immensely talented and versatile artist, Pangaea Projekt/Michael Crain never seizes to impress me with his keen ability to create both emotive and evocative moods of varying shades and tempos. So be sure to check out this wonderful little EP if you’re looking for a bit of wintry sonic bliss! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available at Amazon and other retail and streaming platforms.

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