Glenn Main was first introduced to the works of electronic music composer Jean-Michel Jarre via his iconic 1978 album Equinoxe. As the title suggests, Tribute to Jean-Michel Jarre is a fantastic tribute to a musical legend that includes thirteen renditions of some of Jarre’s most iconic and influential compositions, in which Glenn has employed more modern synthesizer and technological elements while remaining steadfastly true to the originals, which span from the mid 1970’s to the early 1990’s.

The album opens with “Équinoxe, Pt. 1”, rendered from Jarre’s Équinoxe album, in a cinematic and brief introductory fashion and sets the tone for a space-age sonic adventure. Leaping ahead to Jarre’s 1993 Chronology album, “Chronology, Pt. 6” remains true to the spirit of the original composition while highlighting heavier techno/electronica elements. It’s one of my favorite pieces on this album with its digital sequencers, dance-techno rhythm and somewhat cryptic semblance of paranormal science fiction. “Equinoxe, Pt. 4” follows next and is given a lighter twist with its hi-energy, dance-floor friendly vibe. Here, a steady piano riff combined with laser-like pulsing effects and trance-techno rhythm brings images to mind of brightly neon-colored wavelengths against a black backdrop. “Oxgene, Pt. 2” ensues with swirling synths, beaming effects and a lock-step trance beat, characterizing this as the most intense, as well as possibly my favorite piece on the album. A rework from Jarre’s most iconic and successful album, Oxygene, which was released in 1976, I especially love how Glenn has transferred the essence of the original work while simultaneously injecting a definitive club/rave vibe into this rendition. Also highlighted are two compositions rendered from Jarre’s 1981 album Les Chants Magnetiques, including “Magnetic Fields, Pt. 1”, which is a shortened version of the nearly eighteen-minute original. Jarre’s most famous piece “Oxygene, Pt. 4” is likewise featured herein, a most highly influential work that later found its way onto the globally successful Pure Moods compilation that was released in the mid-nineties. Supremely well-done, this version is a bit bouncier although certainly easy to mistake for the original, long been heralded as a highly influential composition that has been echoed repeatedly on many electronic music pieces throughout the decades. And finally, this cosmic sonic adventure concludes with Glenn’s rendition of “Fourth Rendez-Vous” from Jarre’s 1986 album Rendez-Vous, which exudes a space-age disco quality conveyed by a steady pulsing rhythm, symphonic-type melody and shooting star effects.

As if serendipitously, Equinoxe was also my introduction to Jarre’s music, with Oxygene following soon afterwards, and Glenn has essentially covered the most popular pieces from Jarre’s finest works, including a handful from the aforementioned albums. Boasting beautifully euphoric and hi-energy arrangements throughout that incorporate both vintage and modern electronic musical elements, Tribute to Jean-Michel Jarre is an essential album to own for Jarre fans, as well as all electronic music lovers! ~Candice Michelle

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December 06, 2016 @04:22 pm
Wow..! That was a wonderful review. I am honoured..!! Thank you so much :-)

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