Album Review of Molecules of Motion by Steve Roach


On Molecules of Motion, ambient/electronic music veteran Steve Roach once again revisits the electrically dynamic, sequencer-based sound structures of prior albums such as Spiral Revelation and Life Sequence. Comprised of four tracks spanning approximately 74 minutes, Molecules of Motion is a compositionally rhythmic yet entirely drumless aural excursion crafted around seemingly ionic and illuminating currents. The opening title track, “Molecules of Motion”, fades in with fast-spinning sequencers in constant motion that seemingly pierce through a smoky veil like lightening flashing in a cloud. Metamorphosing continuously throughout, the piece effectively induces a trance-like state with its tenebrous timbres and subtly-shifting chord figures. Buzzing sequencer patterns ripple outwards on “Grace Meditation” of which seemingly create an electrically-charged environment, while the spaciously liquid-like “Phase Reverie” injects comparatively more sparseness between sequenced notes. The first two-thirds of the final piece, “Empath Current”, is sequencer-driven, while the remaining one-third of the track dissolves these elements into the composition’s serenely beautiful backdrop of spacey tonal fluctuations. Adding another impressive layer to Roach’s extensive and ever-evolving body of work, Molecules of Motion is another fine album in the field of both ambient-space and Berlin School mode of electronic music! ~Candice Michelle

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