Giuseppe Dio is an Italian electronic music composer and photographer who combines his passion for both music and photography on his album, Lights, Shadows and Colors. Drawing upon both vintage and modern electronic music styles that span several decades, the album incorporates elements of Berlin-school, chillout and dance-trance music throughout its twelve amazing, adventure-packed compositions.


“Blancheur” begins our journey with simmering, swirling synths and bubbling effects that immediately recalls the music of Jean Michel-Jarre, who is one of Giuseppe’s most notable influences. Guided by a steady bassline and four-by-four trance rhythm, the colorfully spinning and euphorically melodic nature of this fantastic opener is characteristic of most of the compositions throughout. Alluding to nightlife and travelling, “Night Streets” follows in a similar motif with its vintage synth melody and high energy, laser-like effects, which convey a feeling of driving along an extended highway beneath the glow of streetlights. The beautifully breathtaking, “Blue Melody”, is easily my favorite composition on the album. Here an aquatic, echoic melody is carried upon an electronic chill rhythm accompanied by soaring strings and synthesized vocal washes. Cosmically dreamy and fantasy-like, it brings to mind the kinds of beautiful, mythical scenery (such as the flying griffon or magical unicorn) depicted in the classic 1980’s cult films, The Never Ending Story and Legend. “Lights and Shadows” is also particularly mesmerizing, likewise seeming to convey a whimsical feeling of flight and long-distance travel. Underscored by a smooth electronica rhythm, it boasts a soaring melody led by a horn-like synth that also bears notable elements of Jarre. “Through the Rainforest” is another outstanding favorite; initially opening with tribal rhythmic elements, it soon blossoms into an enthralling arrangement of cosmically colorful and swirling sounds.


An epically visual-audio experience, Lights, Shadows and Colors feels like a fantasy adventure novel having come to life, evoking otherworldly images of the past, present and future. Certain to appeal to a wide range of listeners, stylistic hallmarks of Jean Michel-Jarre, David Wright, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis are echoed throughout, as well as that of modern electronic dance and chill-trance artists such as Ryan Farish and Tigerforest. Destined to become one my favorite electronica albums of the year, Lights, Shadows and Colors is an instant classic that is not to be missed by fans of electronic music, particularly those who love both space and trance! ~Candice Michelle


For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available on Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby

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