Static Shore is a Seattle-based duo consisting of Eric Smith and Shannon Alexander. Incorporating elements of chillout, dream-pop and electronica into their sound, “Life & Love In The Hologram” is a twenty-two minute EP comprised of five spellbinding compositions – all of which highlight Shannon Alexander on vocals.

“Replay” opens with a bit of digital distortion followed by a moderately-paced electronic dance rhythm, as Shannon sings lyrics about “why not stay here with me?” in a silky-soft yet crystal-clear voice. Conveying just enough of a dance-pop sensibility – without sounding too obviously mainstream – one can easily imagine being in a dimly-lit nightclub or lounge venue, as colorful laser lights bounce all around. A veil of enchantment suffuses “Party Trick”, where ambiguous lyrics and ethereally melodic bell-tones compliment the song’s lushly synth-pop arrangement. The more whimsical-natured, “Never Been Said”, is seasoned with electronic dance and downtempo flavors with an added vintage appeal. Shannon’s vocals are fittingly woven into its multi-layered synths, which seamlessly mesh with the composition’s crispy staccato beat. My favorite song on the album is the notably sultry, “Low Valley Low”, which opens with shimmering synths followed by a subdued and low-key trance beat. Here Shannon sings a catchy and captivating melody amidst a dreamily haunting soundscape. Following the album’s dreamiest number is the edgier “Covered Up”. This final passage in the set possesses subtle hints of Depeche Mode with its crunchier bass-laden beat and electronic rock nuances.

Striking a perfect balance between warmly inviting accessibility and shadowy distant intrigue, each composition on this mini-album can be equally appreciated as either stand-alone singles or as part of an overall quintet of songs. Likewise, Shannon’s voice possesses a beautiful tone that’s especially suited for chillout, downtempo and electronic dance music, which worked to perfection within these arrangements. Bringing to mind stylistic similarities to other artists I enjoy such as Blue Stone, Delerium and Sleepthief, “Life & Love In the Hologram” will likewise greatly appeal to those who possess an equal fondness for honeyed vocal electronica! ~Candice Michelle

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