Nashville-based musician Javonnii creates supremely beautiful ambient-chill soundscapes on his latest release, Let There Be Light, a seven track EP spanning twenty-one minutes. Ranging between two to four minutes in length, these stunning compositions seem to take the listener on a mini-vacation to a blissful islandic destination.

“Ocean Chant” appropriately begins with the lulling sound of ocean waves and soothing vocal intonations amidst ethereal tones and synthesized washes. Light metallic percussion reminiscent of hang drums lend this subtly melodic piece an exotic island flavor, likewise characterizing the album overall. “Sky Rise” follows next, a signature ambient-chill track and my absolute favorite of the lot! Exuding a Café Del Mar kind of vibe, this warmly sensual piece is characterized by windy synths, steel drums and a downtempo groove that’s underscored by a pronounced bassline. One perhaps gets the sense that they’ve found themselves in a remote tropical paradise complete with idyllic images of white sands, clear skies and blue coastal waters. “Just Breathe” continues in a similar mode, interweaving droning synths and more voice-like textures among Balinese sounding instruments that resemble Gamelan music. The more atmospherically minimal “Lightyears” ensues with sparse, reverbed piano notes and muffled synthesized droplets, which are subtly illuminated by a warm haze. The now familiar metallic percussion opens “Earthbound”, once again accompanied by synthesized ethereal voices and a prominent downtempo beat. The aptly-named “Formless” is characterized by shimmering, swaying chords, along with what sounds like subtle, processed guitar to create a sonic space of pure peace and relaxation. “Sunny Afternoon” is the album’s final piece, concluding on a dreamy note with bubbling electronics and a pummeling spacious groove.

A surprise little gem in the classic ambient-chill vein, Let There Be Light may not be a long journey but it’s certainly one worth taking. Although inherently more electronic and rhythmic overall, the album’s soothing blend of Balinese and Pacific musical elements woven among its ambient textures reminded me of works by Jalan Jalan. I greatly look forward to further outputs from this obviously talented musician, whom I expect even greater things on the music front are in store for! ~Candice Michelle

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November 18, 2016 @12:36 am
Thank you so much! I look forward to sharing my music with Journeyscapes Radio in the future. Great inspiring work you do!

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