Last year I had the pleasure of being introduced to the music of an emerging Italian electronic composer by the name of Giuseppe Dio via his fantastic debut album entitled Lights, Shadows and Colors. While that album was notably groove-oriented with its colorfully chill-trance inclinations, Giuseppe’s sophomore release entitled Imaginary Flights completely forgoes the former release’s pronounced electronic beats and catchy instrumental melodies in favor of more imperceptibly melodic, beat-less soundscapes. Comprised of 15 compositions spanning a lengthy 76 minutes, Imaginary Flights retains the overall uplifting mood and fantasy-like qualify of its predecessor, while bringing the energy down several notches for a listening experience that’s purposefully tranquil-centered.

The album opens with “Under Stars” on which subtle piano droplets fall upon a silky surface comprised of suspended chords. As with most other pieces on the album, a continuous stream of synthesized tones is maintained throughout the composition’s duration. One of my favorite pieces herein is “The Woodland”, which evokes imagery of a nocturnal forest with its spectral tones, crystalline keyboard notes and processed nature sounds. Additional layers of a Vangelis-esque symphonic quality soon enters, which seemingly cast a shimmering light upon the mysterious environment, before the swell eventually dissipates into the shadowy woodlands. Another favorite entitled “New Worlds” is characterized by gurgling undulations amid a backdrop of vocalized textures that convey a skyward feel, which are then joined by sequenced chords that come in at about the halfway mark. Initially opening with the nocturnal feel of “Under Stars” and ultimately closing with the daylight feel of “Toward the Light”, the final track elicits a transcendental mood with its celestial washes seeming to convey an ascension toward the heavens.

Another delightful album from Giusseppe Dio, Imaginary Flights could be described as ambient-electronic music with characteristically ‘new age’ overtones – and one that’s sure to take the listener on a spirit-soaring journey above and beyond! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available at Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby .

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