Meg Bowles is a name that is well familiar to many fans of ambient/space music. Having released her first two albums in 1993 (Inner Space and Solstice Dreams) she then followed up in 1996 with a widely-praised and definitive album in the genre called Blue Cosmos, which officially put her on the space music map. After releasing her 1999 album, From the Dark Earth, there was an extensive time-period before Bowles would release her next album in 2011 entitled A Quiet Light, which seemingly renewed a sense of deserved recognition for this amazing composer. And now, with her first release since 2013’s The Shimmering Land, Bowles simply stuns on Evensong: Canticles for the Earth – an album comprised of seven compositions at roughly 64 minutes in length, of which have been composed as a sonic tribute to our beautifully precious planet. Often employing shorter sequenced patterns among longer stretches of atmospheric tones, the music feels supremely cosmic yet intentionally earthbound, as if one is floating in the sky while never quite venturing beyond the firmament. The music goes mystifyingly deep but never unsettlingly dark, with the album’s beautifully contrasting figures of light and shadow seeming to suggest sounds emerging from the depths of the earth and likewise ascending down from above. Overall exuding a reverent mystery while bestowing a personal sense of comfort, these majestic compositions seemingly instill a quietly stirring notion throughout that perhaps a lost Eden of sorts is just within reach. Easily one of the decades finest ambient/space music albums to come around, Evensong is simply an epic beauty – and one that I’ll be returning to often for a long time to come! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available at Bandcamp, Google PlayAmazon, iTunes and CD Baby.

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