Electronic music composer Stephanie Sante has recently released what is easily my favorite album by this amazing artist since her 1999 debut, Into Light. I recall first hearing her music many years ago via its gorgeous lead track, “The Awakening”, while the album overall displayed a beautifully melodic space music style with classic “new age” overtones. Sante followed up that landmark album with a couple of releases that compellingly ventured into overall darker, ambient space music territory. Since then, Sante has also released some jazzier flavored “chill/lounge” singles and albums, including her 2017 full-length release, In Your Eyes. But on Sante’s latest release, Clear Light, she seems to have come full circle – with the album's compositions embarking upon sonic explorations of both liquid and icy atmospheres comprised of glistening ambient textures and classic electronic sequencing. Particularly outstanding pieces – such as “Salacia’s Dream” and “Fractured Echoes” – seemingly evoke a magical feeling of underwater arctic exploration and the presence of marine life. Other pieces such as “Melt Like Snow” employ distinct ethereal vocal intonations, while the especially enchanting, “Moonlit Starfish”, is gently guided along by a subtle rhythm – effectively conveying an awe-inspiring sensation of sailing across the sea at night beneath the aerial dances of the aurora borealis. A simply breathtaking album overall, Clear Light is a must-have for fans of gently emotive, melodic ambient and space music – while it's guaranteed to take the listener on a most magical musical journey through glacial, aquatic northern terrain! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available at Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.


August 31, 2018 @12:15 pm
Thank you for this great review Candice. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful your reviews are in guiding me to new music. I love it! Keep up the good work.
Kevin Sargeant

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