Richard Ross is a California-based electronic music composer who has released a handful of albums as Crystalline Dream. The second album released under his own name, Entropy is a notable departure from both its notably jazz-infused predecessor, Laughing Moon, as well as the more ambient-world stylings of Crystalline Dream.

A seven-track sonic adventure spanning 35 minutes, Entropy delightfully recalls much of the sci-fi imbued techno music of the early 1990’s that included pioneering artists like Orbital, Cosmic Baby and Energy 52. Handling all keyboards, synthesizers and beat programming, Ross employs understated dancefloor rhythms that are paced to house, trance and breakbeat signatures, effectively allowing his compositions to simultaneously occupy both the cosmic space and headspace realms. Hence, the music herein feels somewhat closer to IDM (or “intelligent techno”) than it does to EDM and the dance club scene.

Tracks such as the opening “Entropy”, along with the especially noteworthy “Dbs Cosmic Groove”, seemingly convey images of operating the computer console inside a space capsule, as the listener is treated to the quirky sounds of digitized bleeps, pulsating grooves and robotic vocal snippets collectively transmitting infectious melodies.

Arguably Richard Ross’ most impressive album to date, Entropy is a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience and I'd love to hear successive works in this style from him. Having tapped into something refreshingly unique, Entropy wonderfully recaptures electronic music’s past while taking a forward leap into the future. Enthusiastically recommended to fans of accessible retro-futuristic electronica, Entropy offers a mind-bending journey through intergalactic sound-worlds! ~Candice Michelle

For more information please visit the artist's website. This album is also available on Amazon, Bandcamp and Google Play.



May 30, 2019 @05:28 pm
Absolutley awesome review Candice! You nailed it !! Thnaks !! - ps there will be more .... :)
Richard Ross

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