2015 Weekly Program Archives


A euphoric mix of chilled trance and dreamy downtempo to take us into a new year

A special holiday mix of Christmas & winter songs to convey mystique and wonder

Another magical, wintry mix to illustrate colder, longer nights under starlit skies

A tribute mix to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Enigma’s groundbreaking debut album

Another ambient/electronic mix to convey the majestic aerial dances of the Aurora Borealis

An autumn mix with a theme of 'grace' that includes a varied selection of soothing sounds

An 'after hours' downtempo/ambient/chillout mix inspired by city night life

A colorful mix that wonderfully weaves light & shadow amidst the changing seasons

A cool-toned ambient/chillout mix inspired by colder nights of dreams & imagination

A paranormal themed mix to serve as the perfect soundtrack for Halloween

A Lunar themed mix full of dreamy ambient & ethereal soundcapes

A fantasy-inspired mix that unfolds like an imaginary soundtrack

An ethereal Celtic mix inspired by Arthurian legend and Welsh mythology

An exotic mix that traverses beautiful landscapes & aromatic gardens

A seasonal mix to celebrate the arrival of Autumn

An ambient/chillout mix full of spacey grooves and atmospheric dreaminess

An idyllic ambient mix with subtly darker undercurrents

A dynamic yet delicate mix of vibrant elegance

A seductive mix of Opera and chillout with a romantically dramatic flair

Native American music fused with ambient soundscapes & contemporary arrangements

An atmospheric and meditative mix with an esoteric balance of light & dark

An African-inspired mix that weaves together traditional & contemporary arrangements

A Summer-inspired chillout mix with a theme of blue skies & seas

Sacred and soulful Indian fusion blending ancient & modern sounds

A trippy ambient/electronic mix inspired by strange aquatic lifeforms

Relaxing and contemplative piano music with other gentle instruments

An Independence Day-inspired mix in celebration of liberty

A summer chillout mix full of sensual grooves

An ambient/chillout/new age mix to welcome the arrival of Summer

Relaxing & contemplative acoustic guitar music with other gentle instruments

An ethno-ambient/techno-tribal mix of visionary soundscapes

An aquatic themed ambient/chill/new age mix

A special mix dedicated to the winners of 11th Annual ZMR Music Awards

A mind-bending mix of hypnotic chillout & ambient-trance

A Mid-Eastern flavored mix inspired by ancient mysteries & buried secrets

An ambient/space mix full of dreamily haunting atmospheres

A special Earth Day mix to honor nature and promote healing of our planet

A chillout/new age mix full of colorful inspiration & rejuvenation

A chillout/ambient mix inspired by the Mediterranean

A pure relaxation mix for spa, massage & other healing therapies

An Eastern flavored ambient/chillout mix with sensual overtones

An ambient/chillout/new age mix to welcome the arrival of Spring

An Celtic ethereal/chillout mix inspired by St. Patrick's Day

Relaxing & contemplative piano music

A Lunar themed ambient/chillout/new age mix

A mesmerizing ambient/chillout trip through space & time

A Valentine's Day mix inspired by love, longing & the mystery of fate

A sultry chillout mix with deeply seductive rhythms

An ethno-ambient mix inspired by lush rainforests, tribal gatherings & mysterious relics

Lush female vocals & enveloping soundscapes to bewitch the senses

Glacial ambient/space music to convey the majestic aerial dances of the Aurora Borealis

Native American music blended with modern arrangements & soundscapes

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