Following a seven year hiatus since her 2008 album, “And Winter Came”, Enya returns with the long-waited, “Dark Sky Island”, which is named after the island of Sark in the English channel where the absence of light pollution allows for naked-eye astronomy. As if to pick up where she left off twenty years prior, I can honestly say this is easily the best album the beloved Irish singer has put forth since “The Memory of Trees”.

“Urban Metta, Vol. 1”, is the debut album by Anaamaly (pronounced “uh-nom-uh-lee), the alias of electronic music composer Phil Strickland. Featuring eleven tracks that are titled after different affirmations, it is a deeply relaxing electronic album with many organic elements. Peaceful, subtle melodies drift in and out over a bed of droning bass lines, washes of synths, and many unidentifiable or muted sounds throughout that seem to mimic nature.

Following a string of highly-acclaimed albums that emphasized a more ethno-ambient style of music, Al Jewer and Andy Mitran turn their attention towards a more world fusion sound with a celebratory sonic journey titled “Transmigration”. Featuring collaborations with twenty-two talented musicians, the compositions traverse across many musical landscapes as they meet up with familiar friends along the way.

“Celtic Fairy Lullaby” is the follow-up to 2002’s award-winning album “Trail of Dreams”, once again showcasing the angelic voice of Sarah Copus (daughter of 2002 husband and wife team Randy and Pamela Copus). While many would easily mistake this for Enya, 2002 have their own signature sound, although similarities to the Irish singer are probably more pronounced than ever, given the Celtic bent of this album, with lyrics sung in Gaelic, Welsh and English. 

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Every once in a while an album crosses my path that truly takes my breath away and “Abendromen” is one such album. Composed, produced and engineered by Tom Eaton, who is co-producer and engineer for Imaginary Road studios (owned by Windham Hill founder, Will Ackerman), Tom has crafted a gorgeous album recorded during late winter nights that exemplifies just what a phenomenal musical composer he truly is.

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