Album Review of Into the Flow by Joseph Akins

Not long ago I had the pleasure of seeing pianist-composer Joseph Akins in concert with fellow pianist-composer Michele Mclaughlin on their joint tour, where each performed a set and shared delightful and personal stories. Raised in a musical family in Chickamauga, GA and currently based in Chattanooga, TN, Joseph has been playing the piano since he was a child, having explored a variety of musical styles along the way. In addition to his career as an accomplished recording artist, Joseph is also a college professor and teaches music instruction. Having personally found him down-to-earth and expressing a great sense of humor, I can only imagine how beloved he is by his students!

New Release from Frore & Shane Morris

"Long ago, before science explained the mechanics of the heavens, primitive cultures looked to the skies for insight and enlightenment. Predicting events, measuring time, provoking awe and terror, the observation of the celestial sphere was of utmost importance, and through those mystic ages the shock of an unexpected eclipse would become a beacon in time, impacting people’s lives, religions, and cultures for generations. This meaningful phenomenon is the inspiration for ECLIPSE, the second collaboration of tribal-ambient soundscapes from ethno-electronic recording artists Frore & Shane Morris." ~Spotted Peccary Music

New Chillout Compilation from Sine Music

Upcoming release on Sine Music features a collection of chillout, downtempo and ambient music from notable artists like Der Waldla╠łufer, Thomas Lemmer, Lemongrass, Gold Lounge, Sine, Polished Chrome, Artenovum and more - for a total of 24 tracks! Titled Offline Vol. 2, it's the sequel to Offline Vol. 1, released three years prior. The album will be available at all major digital download shops and can be pre-ordered. 

Album Review of Dare to Dream by Unleashed Dreams

Unleashed Dreams is a recording duo comprised of Lindsey Gaye Walker and Sean Michael Paddison. On their debut album, Dare to Dream, the duo artfully weave new age, neo-classical and adult contemporary musical styles with lyrical messages of hope, encouragement and inspiration among 12 compositions spanning 52 minutes. Not surprisingly, Lindsey is a transformational life coach in addition to singer-songwriter who provides lead and background vocals on the album, while Sean is a composer, producer and instrumentalist who lends ad-lib and background vocals throughout. A handful of guest artists are featured on varying compositions, of whom provide additional ad-lib and background vocals, as well as instruments such as violin, viola and guitar.

New Release from Robert Logan

"After six solo electronic/ambient albums and his 2016 collaborations with Steve Roach (BIOSONIC and SECOND NATURE, Projekt) Robert Logan’s new album blends surprising electronic and acoustic sources, terraforming bright, melodic molten sound with an enraptured experience of the natural world.

SCULPTOR GALAXY resonates with the spirit of the albums that captured Logan’s imagination as a youngster: film music, 70s and 80s electronic, and progressive rock. The album connects with the work of early Roach, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and Jean Michel Jarre, sounding at times like the album Jarre would create today had he continued exploring the universe began with 1984’s fantastically unusual Zoolook." ~Projekt Records

New Release from Jon Richards

"With influences spanning chillout, electronic, pop, rock, and instrumental new age, this is an album of epic soundscapes, uplifting rhythms and melodies, soaring guitar and synth leads, interspersed with quiet, reverential and reflective moments. Dynamic and refreshing - a homage to nature and our place within it." ~Medwyn Goodall Music

New Release from Jeffrey Koepper

"Keeping analog sequencer music alive in the 21st century Poly-rhythmic sequential melodies of warm, engaging electronics propel Transmitter, an album created live-in-the-studio on vintage synthesizers and sequencers. Organic performances of 6 new tracks (and one from MantraSequent) glide through evolving epics with a classic 70s feel. Thick synthesizer textures and pulsating rhythms generate and modulate the pieces captured June 18th 2017 at WXPN’s Star’s End Radio, Philadelphia." ~Projekt Records

New Release from Max Corbacho

"Max Corbacho has been crafting electronic soundscapes for almost two decades and has progressively refined his space ambient style since his debut, Vestiges, appeared in 1998. Experimenting and forcing the limits of looping, reverb, Fx processing, and sequencing, Corbacho strengthens the oceanic character of his albums and intensifies its time-suspending quality. Source of Present starts through the magmatic flow of "The Beginning of Remembering", the first track of this new album, created during long sessions between 2015 and 2017. Dramatically, the music moves slowly as cosmic, nebulous, expansive stratums, orbiting into the boundaries of consciousness. It moves smoothly like long slow waves, perhaps here calmer and softer than in recent works, giving continuity to the line undertaken in the double album The Ocean Inside." ~Press Release

Album Review of Metamorphic Waves by Sequential Dreams

Metamorphic Waves is the latest album from Sequential Dreams, one of several recording aliases of Canada-based electronic music composer Ron Charron. The tenth installment in the Sequential Dreams series, Metamorphic Waves was particularly inspired by Tangerine Dream’s Force Majeure era, expounding on the band’s late 70’s and early 80’s signature electronic music style – much to the extent that this album often convincingly sounds like it was recorded on the very same equipment! Comprised of six compositions spanning a little over an hour, each piece ranges from approximately nine to twelve minutes in length, with Ron incorporating various elements of ambient, Berlin-school, progressive rock and electronic space music into his layered arrangements. Melodically dynamic and rhythmic throughout, the album showcases a spectacular array of adventurous sci-fi soundscapes, classic sequencer motifs and cosmic vocalizations, as the true spirit of vintage synthesizer music is effectively transferred to the modern era.

New Release from Red Eye Express

Tempest Recordings artist Red Eye Express has just released a trippy album of chillout, downtempo and trance music with ethnic flavors interspersed throughout. Titled Reemixed, the album is available in multiple digital download formats and features a collection remixes by various artists (Zero Cult's amazing take on "Song for Alex" is a personal favorite!)

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