Rachel Currea is a Miami-based pianist, composer and conductor who has shared the stage with a number of opera singers. Weaving classical, contemporary and even hymnal musical elements into the fabric of her latest album, ‘Walking to You”, herein she explores themes of love, spirituality and personal transformation among its sixteen solo piano compositions.

The title track, “Walking to You”, opens with a bright and uplifting melody that conveys inspirational overtones, which is likewise noted on other song titles such as “Abundance of the Heart”, “Evening Joys” and “Reconciliations”. Bearing a notable classical bent right from the start, Rachel’s piano-playing style is bold yet graceful, as she seemingly moves across the keys with effortless continuity. Her beautiful melodies often range from dainty, albeit intricate, ballet-like motifs in the higher registers, to steady and powerful strokes in the middle-to-lower registers. One of the pieces that particularly stood out for me is “Hear Me Now”, which opens slowly with drifty notes in a contemplative manner. It soon evolves into a powerful and passionately flowing composition that alternately builds with intensity, then subsides and repeats. “Once Upon a Time” is easily my favorite piece on the album and seemingly evocative of its title. Set to a waltzing stanza, minor shades throughout lend an element of mystery that feels beautifully nostalgic and fairytale-like. Other pieces I’m especially fond of include “Waltz in E Minor”, which likewise seems as if having stepped back in time – along with “Night Butterflies”, a sparkling composition that aerially floats and flutters about. Clocking in at just over six minutes, “Hymn to the Holy Spirit” is the lengthiest and final track on the album. This hymnal-like tune builds into a colorful crescendo, appropriately concluding the album on an inspirational, reverent note.

Boasting a tasteful extravagance throughout, ‘Walking to You’ is a graceful yet passionate interweaving of classical and contemporary melodies that bring inspiration and comfort to the soul. Rachel’s beautifully layered compositions often take unpredictable twists and turns that are perfectly seamless and never jarring, speaking to her remarkable dexterity. A prepossessing display of heartfelt expression, this album will appeal, especially, to listeners who enjoy elegant, uplifting piano music with a definite classical flair! ~Candice Michelle

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November 25, 2016 @11:24 am
Candice Michelle illustrates the consummate artistry which Rachel Currea embodies - and exudes through piano. Rachel is glorious in her creative spirit! Moreover, Rachel Currea is a delightfully sensitive and caring soul who fulfills her music purpose with superb professionalism.
Nydia Noriega
November 19, 2016 @03:39 pm
Rachel's music is beautiful. It takes you away to wonderful thoughts and places of happiness. Delores EAchus
Delores Eachus
November 04, 2016 @01:26 pm
I am extremely Pleased & Blessed with Rachael Currea album and the way she expresses herself in her music . I would love to hear more of her music. She is a dream come true
Towana Bahr
November 02, 2016 @11:10 am
Beautiful and epic sounding music that should be in a movie soundtrack. When I listen to Ms. Currea'a album I'm immediately transported in time and sweet memories flood over me. I look forward to her future albums.
November 02, 2016 @10:27 am
Candice, I agree with your review of Rachael Currea latest album "Walking to You". You describe the songs with meaningful words that are easy for me to understand. When I listen to Rachael's compositions, I do it for the pure pleasure of it, but sometimes for me it is difficult to describe them. You are able to do this beautifully using a variety of descriptive words that help me to understand the music better. I hope to be able to read more of your reviews.
Robert Thomas

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