“Trialogue” is the collaborative effort of award-wining multi-flutist, Sherry Finzer, guitarist, Darin Mahoney (who plays a self-built koa and cedar guitar), and Grammy-nominated global percussionist, Will Clipman. This proficient and talented musical trio has crafted a diverse album centered on variants of three main instruments, which is mostly evocative of American landscape and the scenic Southwest, although the compositions occasionally traverse along more exotic terrain.

The upbeat “Cote d'lvoire” opens the album with acoustic guitar strumming along, accompanied by flute and quasi-tribal percussion, which gives the tune a slightly world bent. It is followed by the moderately-paced “Mending Fences”, where Sherry’s flute beautifully contrasts the earthier sounding drums and guitars with its more delicate, ethereal touch. “Midnight in Marrakech” is perhaps my favorite track on the album. Beginning with distinctive ethnic percussion, it is followed by an exotic flute melody played on a middle-eastern scale. An old-world mystique permeates the piece, as one might easily imagine touring a Marrakech night market, or embarking on a sojourn into the Sahara desert beneath starlit skies. I’m also especially fond of “Confused”, which is highly reminiscent of the musical style present on Sherry Finzer and Darin Mahoney’s prior collaborative album, “Transformation”. This melancholic piece is guided by a lone flute melody, acoustic guitar and gentle percussion, which convey a sense of serenity, solitude and self-reflection. “Alger Street” also adheres to a similar, more peaceful mood, contrasting the livelier grooves of “Top Down” and “Woodland Lake”, both of which have a pronounced Americana flavor and a country beat. The enchanting “Wolf Haven” is carried just by flute and guitar, serving as a perfect closer to the album. Here one senses that they’ve reached a destination of contentment and calmness, as a cool breeze passes through under moonlight while out in the middle of somewhere.

“Trialogue” is an amazing display of fine musicianship that highlights the respective talents of each artist. It’s the perfect driving music, seeming to play out like a musical road trip, as the listener cruises along for the ride through open spaces, rocky terrain, and the desert at dusk, while occasionally, even making a fun stop along the way at a western saloon. Showcasing a diverse yet cohesive blending of styles, “Trialogue” is especially recommended for fans of acoustic guitar, Native-inspired music, Americana and instrumental bluegrass. ~Candice Michelle

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