Micki Free is a Sedona-based guitarist and flutist, as well as Grammy and multiple NAMA award-winning artist. With an extensive musical career as both a solo artist and band member, The Native American Flute As Therapy is a double album of twelve tracks total (plus a third disc featuring a music video of “Lavender Kiss”) that subtly draws from his Rock n’ Roll roots, while incorporating traditional Native American, new age and contemporary acoustic styles of music into the fold. Micki’s own voice narrates the introduction to each track, all which variably feature flutes, guitars, keyboards and percussion, along with nature sounds and wind chimes sprinkled throughout.

“White Candle Light” opens with spoken word akin to that of a guided meditation amidst gentle tones and chimes. In a calming, comforting voice, Micki speaks of visualizing a white light to attract positive energy. The piece then leads into the soothing sounds of rain sticks and soft tribal drums, followed by Micki’s signature Native flute along with earthy vocal drones. A beautiful opener lasting for nearly eleven minutes, the rest of the album adheres to the earthy, grounding feel of this piece, as Micki introduces each song with relaxing spoken word. The second track, “Healing Bath”, begins with running water and delicate chimes, which underscore Micki’s spoken introduction on the healing properties of water. An acoustic guitar and flute melody soon emerge, guided along by gentle drumming, as soulful vocal washes additionally lend a slightly bluesy Americana feel to the piece. Originally titled “Lavender Herb”, the tenderly soulful third track, “Lavender Kiss”, was renamed as such in honor of Micki’s late friend, Prince. This album was already in production when Micki received news of the iconic musician’s passing, thereby adding another layer of emotion to this recording.

“Essential Oils” opens the second disc with subtle rain, thunder and chimes, as Micki’s narration introduces a gentle melody of piano, keyboard and flute. The second track, “Jasmine Rain”, is perhaps one of the most beautifully tranquil moments on the album, characterized by a lone flute melody enhanced by rain sticks, thunderstorm and nocturnal nature sounds. The third track, “Sacred Sage”, brings to mind a starlit canyon, as the sounds of crickets chirping and echoing flutes are gently guided along by hypnotic native drumming. Another one of my favorite pieces is the fourth track, “Heart Release (Peregrine Lane)”, with its misty tones, gorgeous flute melody and deep, pulse-like drumming that mimics a slow heartbeat. Another version of this song, titled “Heart Release (Yoga Meditation Mix)”, aptly concludes the album with conscious inhaling and exhaling in tandem with the pulse-like drumming and a continuous light brush of chimes.

Boasting an earth-centric tranquility, The Native American Flute As Therapy is an exquisitely warm and soulfully comforting experience, which often evokes images of streams, canyons and the great plains throughout. An especially suitable album for yoga, healing and spa therapies, Micki Free is simply a master of medicinal music-making! ~Candice Michelle

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December 14, 2016 @06:53 pm
Your review really captured the warmth and restorative feeling of this beautiful, ground-breaking album...Micki is a beloved person, and that comes through in the music. Thank you!
B. Hilton

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