“Sacred Visions” is the sixteenth release from multi-instrumentalist Peter Sterling, who recorded this album at his own “Thunder View” studio in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Having designed the album’s artwork, Peter also creates sacred geometry stained-glass art, as well as presents sound healing and sacred geometry workshops. “Sacred Visions” is comprised of nine compositions spanning fifty-two minutes, where Peter showcases his beautiful harp-playing (his main instrument), along with keyboards, percussion and other instruments. Additionally, musicians Richard Hardy, Bruce Becvar, Hans Christian, Robin Miller, Fitzhugh Jenkins and the smooth jazz band 3rd Force lend their talents to varying compositions.

“Sedona Sunset” opens with tribal percussion and a flowing arrangement of various instruments, where Peter’s luscious harp is joined by electric guitar courtesy of Robin Miller and native flute provided by Richard Hardy. Lushly tropical with a blend of both indigenous and modern instruments, one is instantly carried away to an exotic destination of intrigue and exploration. The piece eventually concludes with the nocturnal chirps of insects, leading seamlessly into the next track, “Shaman’s Cave”. Dreamy harp textures and added tropical motifs exude sensual warmth, bringing to mind a mesmerizing landscape rich with lush forests, colorful birds and crystal-blue lagoons. Next up is “Starlight and Moonbeams,” which opens with wordless vocals and ethnic percussion. This seemingly nocturnal yet celebratory composition conveys an essence of sailing on a river, as it winds through a forest while the traveler gazes up at the night sky. An Indian female voice graces “Bombay Boogie”, which is accompanied by tribal-esque backing vocals, the continuous flow of harp and a gently rhythmic underscore. “Eclipse” bears a touch of smooth jazz, which comes as no surprise considering this romantic piece features the talents of Craig Dobin on piano and William Aura on bass, whom together make up the band 3rd Force. Also joining the admixture is Bruce Becvar on guitars, all collectively interwoven with Peter’s heavenly harp atop a subtly chill rhythm. “Dance of Saraswati” features the musical contributions of Hans Christian on cello and Fitzhugh Jenkins on guitar, a composition that is additionally brushed by a fine touch of male and female vocals. Hans Christian also lends his amazing talents to “Mystic Rose” in the form of a Sarangi, a string instrument that comes from India and Nepal. This seductively alluring composition additionally features tabla drums, Indian vocals, and Peter’s signature harp, which further lend an exotic mysticism to the composition. Shifting cultural gears is “Thru the Valley and Over the Hills”, a notably Celtic-flavored piece laced with Peter’s graceful harp and penny whistle courtesy of Richard Hardy. Magical and dreamy, it feels like wandering through an enchanted golden land. A Celtic mode revisits the closing piece, “Remembrance”, where Hans Christian once again lends his cello. This serene composition softly lulls the listener into winding down, while being wrapped in a blanket of peace and comfort.

Profoundly gorgeous from start to finish, the compositions that collectively make up “Sacred Visions” could be described as ‘world fusion harp music’, with the album’s pan-cultural and poly-rhythmic sensibilities bearing some similarities to the music of both Cusco and the Adventure Cargo series. Peter’s mellifluous harp-playing is pristinely interwoven into these rich musical tapestries that seem to swirl and spin throughout like colorful mandalas. “Sacred Visions” is not only recommended for fans of stellar harp-playing, but to anyone who enjoys the best that new age world fusion has to offer. ~Candice Michelle

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July 11, 2016 @11:40 pm
I love it! Your words create lovely imagery. Thanks so much!!!
Peter Sterling

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