Album Review of Reflections for Angels Unaware by The Infinite Calling

The Infinite Calling is the recording alias of Arkansas-based ambient guitarist Daniel Turner. His latest album, Reflections for Angels Unaware, is comprised of eight contemplative and atmospheric electric guitar compositions, in which Daniel employs plenty of looping, delays, reverb and other processed effects.

The title piece, “Reflections for Angels Unaware”, introduces a hazy electric guitar melody in a repeating and reverberating loop throughout. Setting the tone for the rest of the album, Daniel adds varied interesting effects to these reflective and meditative soundscapes. “Marching Tapestries” ensues with gently layered guitar plucks that serve as the composition’s steadily rhythmic marching pace, while dually highlighting a head-nodding guitar jam throughout. One of the most intriguing pieces on the album is the dreamy and psychedelic “Adrift in the Boundless Sea of Maitri”, where layered guitar loops bend and swirl into various colorful shapes and formations. Likewise notable is “The Unshakeable Deliverance of the Heart”, which opens with shadowy drones that soon introduce a gentle melody characterized by drifty guitar notes. Added repetitious and pulsating plucks emanate like gentle vibrations throughout this delicate and slow-moving number, which is comprised of three distinctive yet characteristically minimal components. Rounding things out is “Solitary Heavens Shining Over Lonely Back Roads”, the album’s lengthiest piece which clocks in at precisely eight minutes. This comfortingly warm and contemplative piece is another favorite of mine, boasting a delicately soaring melody of gossamer notes that seem to ride upon the winds.

Experimental and improvisational yet easily accessible to the ears, Daniel takes a similar approach as Philip Glass and Steve Reich using his guitar, by creating mostly short phrases that he builds upon, loops over and pulls in and out of time. His signature oscillating loops and pulsating effects wrapped up in their atmospheric haze can be likened to light-rays beaming outward from a central source in the midst of a dense fog. It is also worth noting that while the two artists take different and varying approaches to the guitar, I found the overall mood and inherent sense of psychedelia on this album to be reminiscent of fellow ambient guitarist Michelle Qureshi’s likewise compelling works! ~Candice Michelle

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