Album Review of 'Open Minds' by Teo Milea

Canadian resident Teo Milea is a pianist and composer with an impressive number of over four-hundred concerts in the realm of classical music, presented on European stages. His latest album, ‘Open Minds’, is comprised of six vivid and sweeping original compositions rendered on solo piano.

“Cathedral” opens slowly in a pensive, solemn tone led by gently drifting piano notes. Clocking in at over thirteen-and-a-half minutes, it’s the lengthiest piece on the album, subtly building throughout its duration. Lending itself to a bit more intensity towards the latter portion of the piece, the composition gradually winds down again to close in much the same way it began. “Streets in Crayon” likewise begins in a rather minimal and understated fashion that employs lots of space between notes, organically unfolding into a colorful myriad of melodic complexity and bold extravagance. A beautiful ballet-like interlude visits the latter-middle portion of the composition, dancing about gracefully with detailed intricacy before tip-toeing to a close. “1st Sun” is perhaps my favorite piece on the album, as it delicately moves through the higher register of the piano before blossoming into a brightly shimmering melody that ebbs and flows with continuity. This piece in particular left no doubt in my mind as to what an impressively talented pianist Teo truly is. “Forever Yours” begins in a robust and forceful manner that remains gallant and steady throughout its course. Spanning eleven-and-a-half minutes, this dramatic number is the second lengthiest piece on the album. “Silence” initially begins with softly pulsing piano notes that eventually give way to a more straightforward melody, albeit wrapped in the now familiar rise and fall of energy and emotion. Perfectly closing out the album is “Journey”, a piece that begins with fluttering higher register notes, followed by striking lower register notes in an interesting juxtaposition of the two contrasts throughout. Lending itself to a reflective pause towards the middle of the piece, the melody again picks up more dramatically, eventually concluding in a grand finale like that of watching the curtain close on a riveting performance.

‘Open Minds’ boasts complex arrangements and colorful melodies of chic sophistication, which keep the listener guessing what might happen at every twist and turn throughout its fascinating plot. A true piano maestro, Teo Milea will undoubtedly leave many fans of classical and solo piano music as impressed by his musical dexterity as I was! ~Candice Michelle

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