Renascence is the recording alias of Tony Clark, a Texas-based multi-instrumentalist with over thirty years of experience in musical composition. On his first volume of Music Uniquely Yours, Tony explores electronic musical terrain of the ambient-chill variety, often infusing his passages with both Balearic and new age overtones. Comprised of nine compositions spanning thirty-seven minutes, the first seven tracks on the album include women’s names in their titles and draw upon themes devoted to relaxation.

An atmospheric haze descends upon the opening track, “Florence’s Fields”, which is supported by a bass-laden, downtempo groove comprised of fluttering clicks and taps. Soulful female vocals enter the piece at approximately the midway point, before slipping into a subtle pause of classical guitar evocative of the Mediterranean. “Alison’s Quite Place” follows next with ethereal vocal washes, as intricately minimal textures weave in and out of buzzing tones and gurgling effects throughout. Employing an ambient free-form style that characterizes much of the album, environmental nature sounds highlighting singing birds are additionally brought into the fold. The next piece, “Seraya’s Dream”, exudes a dreamily nocturnal essence, as velvety tonal fluctuations encompass metallically hollow timbres. “Kelly’s Rest” follows with crashing waves, suspended strings and the toll of a singing bowl. Evoking the captivating beauty of a sun rising upon the ocean’s horizon at dawn, sparse piano notes fall like droplets upon a swooshing backdrop augmented by subtle chord progressions. “NeuroLounge” is one of two bonus tracks on the album, as well as one of my favorite compositions herein. Imbued with a sensual chill-out vibe, it’s sultry dance groove underscores chic effects with processed vocal snippets, effectively recalling a late-night lounge or an after-hours venue. Concluding the album is the subsequent bonus track, “Akkadian”, which aptly winds things down again via flowing rainsticks, organic textures and breathy vocal intonations.

Deeply immersive and uninhibited, Music Uniquely Yours Vol. 1 simultaneously allows the listener to remain firmly grounded with their head drifting in the clouds. Inspired by the leisurely, recreational side of life, the album paints beautifully vivid and tranquil images of seaside sunsets and quaint cafés along the coast. Refreshingly carefree and calming to the senses, I highly look forward to a subsequent volume of music that’s uniquely yours – and mine! ~Candice Michelle

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April 01, 2017 @04:41 pm
Really fine music works, can tell that some serious effort came into producing this album.

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