‘Life And Death’ is the debut album by Argentina based pianist and composer Matias Bacoñsky. Comprised of twelve solo piano compositions that span nearly fifty two minutes, ‘Life and Death’ seems to tell a dramatic and emotional story, presumably stemming from heartbreak and tragedy, which is perfectly conveyed by its rather desolate and gloomy artwork.

“The Last Goodbye” opens with bold and solemn strokes as Matias takes a rather steady hand to the keys. Inherently forlorn though not overtly dark, the piece sets the mood for the rest of the album, as its further unfolding compositions feel seemingly culled from sincere and heartfelt emotion. “Death of a Dream” is among the album’s highlights, which bears a repeating motif throughout that seems to move along like a procession of sorts. It picks up the pace in a more flowing manner about half way through the piece before winding down again, noting itself as one of most intriguing tracks on the album. Also particularly noteworthy is “Never Lose Hope”, which alternates between faster and slower paced motifs, initially beginning in the higher registers before being joined in accompaniment by stark lower keys. The especially emotive and seemingly tragic, “My Nightmare”, is easily one of my favorite tracks on the album, boasting lots of activity in the lower registers that lend the composition a characteristically somber atmosphere. It’s bold and brooding melody steadily climbs up and down the scales, bringing to mind that of ascending and descending a long and winding staircase of an old mansion or castle. Rounding things out is the album’s lengthiest composition, titled “This is Not the End”, which makes for an aptly forlorn though seemingly hopeful conclusion. Guided along by bold, sparse notes throughout, they eventually slip into the higher registers near the end of the piece in a tick-tock type of repetition.

An emerging artist with lots of potential, Matias often extends comfortable pauses to dramatic moments within these twelve lovely songs of solitude and surrender. Mostly enshrouded by a gloomy and overcast mood throughout, ‘Life and Death’ will appeal, especially, to those who appreciate melodic and straightforward solo piano music that boasts a more shadowy side! ~Candice Michelle

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November 15, 2016 @06:26 pm
Thank you so much for this wonderful review!
Matias Bacoñsky

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