Album Review of "Dreamwalker" by Pati Pellerito & Mark Holland

“Dreamwalker” is the collaborative effort of Pati Pellerito and Mark Holland, who’ve created one of the most rewarding meditative albums I’ve heard in a while. Recorded in the moment while in the studio, just as they do during live performances, the album serves as a continuous sound healing journey which has been divided into nine tracks, spanning seventy-three minutes total. Pati showcases an array of exotic, mostly Far-Eastern musical instruments, including Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, planet gongs, handmade accent gongs, wind gong, Kaizen drum, Shruthi, Kochi chime, bells and tingshas. Mark plays a variety of Native American style flutes, Bansuri flutes, Anasazi flute and Buffalo Horn flute.

“Mysterious Strands of Midnight” opens the album with singing bowls. Cavernous tones and extended spaces between notes give the music a grounding feel, as a solemn flute melody weaves through the capacious textures. Following next is one of my favorite pieces, “Rooted in Stars”, which seems to resonate all the way to Earth’s very core with its layered gongs, mesmeric flute and low-vibratory timbres. A ritualistic atmosphere permeates this piece, as if a portal to another dimension has been opened. Singing bowls and a melodious flute define “Becoming Blue Mist”, a lighter piece reminiscent of a misty morning garden brushed with pastels. By contrast, distant thunderous gongs lend an almost eerie depth and dimension to “Voices from Beyond”, as if emanating from afar behind a fog-covered mountain. The serenely shimmering, “Dream Within A Dream”, is another favorite, characterized by Kaizen drum and Native flute. It’s easy to imagine looking up at the sky as clouds pass over an American desert landscape. Closing out the album is the magical “Fairy Dust” with its crystalline chimes and sparkling bells, as if to softly awaken the listener out of a meditative trance.

Created with instruments that are intimately connected to nature’s elements, “Dreamwalker” is the perfect companion for communing in your own sacred space, outdoor recreation or simply resting on the bare earth. Touching on both Eastern mysticism and Native American spirituality, this album is enthusiastically recommended for Reiki, massage, and other healing and relaxation therapies. ~Candice Michelle

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